Judge the cover of the book

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover,right 🙂

Here are some book covers I drew for a Nigerian writer, Ifedayo Adigwe Akintomide


The birth of the Pale Rider (African Mythology)


Without a Voice (A story based on human trafficking in South-Eastern Nigeria)

I’m saying “Judge the book cover y’all!) hehehehehehehe

What do you think?

Click on the link below to get the book


Perspectives : Success

Success Alaba

Three dudes,one question


Do you know? Still figuring out what it means to me……….

Follow the red dust road to Ondo to find out,hahahahahahahahaha

For that guy in the middle,its all about the money,true for so many people on the planet.Hmmmmmmm

Is paper worth spending the entirety of  life chasing after???

Seriously though,what is success? Answers,anyone?

Oduduwa Family Tree

Who is Oduduwa?

According to legend of the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria,he is the first emperor and founding father of the Yoruba people. The legend states that he is the first of the sky beings to climb down the chain from heaven to earth.


This is a book cover I designed for a client,a book about Yoruba proverbs.

Very intimidating looking dudes 😀 ………..

“When elephants fight,the grass suffers”

The title of this blog is an African proverb which basically means that when there are problems between two or more groups of influential people(could be individuals or governments or business corporations),it’s the “little” people who feel the negative effects the most.

This is the cover page of my graphic novel titled “The Elephants and the Grass”.



A survival adventure about a group of children caught in a civil
conflict, captured to be trained as child soldiers and their daring
escape to safety.



For a young African village boy named Ayo, life couldn’t be simpler,
surrounded by love from his family and friends until his village was
razed by gunmen who lay waste to all and take him, together with a
handful of children as captives to be trained as mindless child
soldiers for a revolutionary cause.


Words cannot describe their
experiences as they are trained and dehumanized. But hope comes in
form of a radio broadcast they overhear relayed by a peace-keeping
support group, of a refugee camp where survivors caught in the
conflict are instructed to escape to. After a daring escape and
haunted by guilt, Ayo must lead his friends in a race against time to
reach the refugee camp.

The Elephants and The Grass, a story told from a child’s perspective
of war and conflict, details their journey of survival with little
hope through the war-torn region and their eventual escape to safety.

I will be uploading free PDFs of the first chapter for your viewing pleasure soon 😀

My first comic

  Hey guys!

I recently came across  three pages from the VERY FIRST  comic I ever made.

These were done in 2004 and the story is about an American adventurer who went into the deserts of Arabia,looking for some occultic relic. Unfortunately for him,there are some Germans after the relic as well.

The adventure is set in the period just before World War 2. It never had a title and I never finished it,just thought to share 🙂

Click on each page of the comic for a bigger and better view.

Feel free to comment and share.